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  • Lianyungang West International Education Consulting Co., Ltd. is engaged in foreign teachers, technicians, experts and other fields of foreign workers to promote service
  • platform. Resources reserve a large number of foreign teachers and foreign professionals to meet the needs of the major institutions of higher learning, social training
  • institutions and foreign companies in various industries. Foreign teachers are from native English speaking countries, mainly in the United Kingdom, the United States,
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  • If you are interested in any of these,
  • please email us at
  • so that we know which specific job you
  • are interested in.
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  • We strive with pride and dedication to
  • provide the best quality of services. We
  • always do our very best to ensure your
  • ESL teaching placement always suits
  • your desirable needs. Don’t miss a
  • great opportunity to teach and travel
  • in China.
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  • You may have lots of questions about
  • the process, the school of your choice,
  • housing, visa and the general living and
  • working experience in China.
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  • There are hundreds of other ESL teachers
  • used our service. Don’t ever hesitate to
  • come and meet other ESL teachers and
  • start your great teaching and living
  • experience in China!
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